Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi, there!  I've decided to abandon my old LiveJournal blog (a relic of the past), and set up shop here on Blogger, instead.  Seems like a good place to collect my random musings on writing, editing, and everything in between.

Right now, I'm in one of those lull periods, where writing is concerned--awaiting the release of my next book, MAGNOLIA (Aug. '14 from Simon Pulse), writing and submitting proposals for new books (for the record, I am *so* excited about what I hope will be my next realistic fic YA, tentatively titled THE SEA BETWEEN, set in a Florida-panhandle beach town), and feeling generally anxious and excited, all at once.  MAGNOLIA is my first realistic fic YA, and it's set in a fictional small-town in northern Mississippi (near Ole Miss).  As a graduate of Southern Miss, I'm excited to "revisit" the Magnolia State, fictionally-speaking, and I hope to travel there in August to promote the book.  You know what they say...

(Thanks to the lovely Amber at for the fab graphic!)

But I'm also setting sail on a new adventure--editing for Spencer Hill Press/Spencer Hill Contemporary.  I'm looking forward to acquiring some fabulous new contemporary YAs along the lines of books by Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer E. Smith, etc.  Cross-over into NA territory is fine!  I'm also open to acquiring outstanding YAs with paranormal/sci-fi/psychic elements, especially if they have a solid contemporary "feel" to them.  Right now, we're only open to agented submissions, though there's usually an "open sub" period at least once a year.  For more info, feel free to hit me up at

That's it for now!  Thanks for dropping by.

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